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ok wow, Im soo confused. Someone elaborate this for me

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About six months ago, me and my ex fiance broke up due to us fighting alot etc.

Then about three months ago we started chatting again online and I mentioned that I'd like us to be friends. We talked online for couple weeks till he said something he shouldnt have and we got into this huge fight online and he said he'll "never contact/speak to me" again.


Now fastforward it to about couple weeks ago, he tried to contact me online few times so I gave in, and he apologized for being an as*h**e.


then the other day he emailed me telling me about his new place and that I should visit him sometime. All I said back is "ummm not sure, maybe" and then he goes "I know ur thinking it might be fun and a bad idea, but you know Im trying for us to be friends again"


Now what? I dont really desire to be his friend anymore, aquantancies maaaybe, but I dont think I can hang out with him as if nothing ever went wrong. Plus after giving this much though how can I be just friends with someone that I cared soo deeply about before.


Do you guys think hes really is just trying to be JUST FRIENDS or is there something more I should see in this? I cant read him and yes he is single if that makes a difference.

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Well whether or not he wants a relationship with you, it's obvious he wants you in his life. That could always lead to more if you feel like things have changed and you could make it work again.


However, what he's asking for right now is a friendship. It could lead to more, but maybe you'll just argue a lot. Who knows. You won't know until you try.


If you don't feel that you want to be friends, just aquaintances, then don't hang out with him so much. Maybe you could tell him that if you are going to be friends, then you need to take it slowly and not jump into a "best friends" kind of thing right away.


Just out of curiosity, if you knew things would lead back into a relationship, would you be friends with him? Or are you ready to move on?

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Just out of curiosity, if you knew things would lead back into a relationship, would you be friends with him? Or are you ready to move on?



honestly Im not sure, I think it depends on how much he changed or if at all. I was JUST starting to get over him till he kinda came back into my life. So now Im just plain confused and have no idea what I want or what is the right thing to do.

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I think the best thing might just be no contact for now. If you aren't sure if you would get back with him if you had the chance, then why not just work on trying to get over him? Sometimes you just need to move on. Plus, you said you were just getting over him until he contacted you.


If you feel that there might be someone better out there for you, don't waste your time on something that didn't work out the first time.


Maybe you could tell him that you aren't looking for a relationship with him again right now.

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