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Another breakup story...

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So here's the background...


The ex and I started going out Feb. 03.. she was 18 I was 20 then, we went to the same college. We fell in love immediately, told ourselves we'd be together our whole lives, planned every detail about life together (atleast tried), spent as much time together as possible, went on vacation together all the time, knew each others families very well etc etc etc...


Anyways, she decided to break up with me this past April 4th. To me, it was a sudden shock, to her it was a "you should have seen this coming for a year" . Now, about 6 months before we broke up, she started hanging out with a new friend she met (female). My ex was very mature for her age, and is one of the things I loved about her. This new friend of hers acted like she was 13... and it started to rub off on the ex. The ex and I did everything together, and always had time to go out and do a dinner and a movie night or whatever, we always found time to do things just the two of us... the few months leading up to our breakup involved this other girl and her boyfriend (now husband) every single time we went out. This girl would use profanity, talk/make sexual acts towards her boyfriend when we'd go out to dinner and when there are young children and elderlies sitting nearby who overheard these conversations over and over again, I had enough and got to the point where if they were going to a movie or something I would tell them i'd rather stay at home...then I was the party pooper who didn't want to hang out.


Anyways, March 1st the ex started on the pill... oh boy... she was very bad about taking it every day around the same time, and there were days where she'd double up on a dose, which was fine, but there were days when she had some great idea to pop 3 of them because she forgot to take it for a few days... after the 2nd week of this stuff she decided to switch to the patch... oh great, even worse... the first one she placed on her waistline, and her pants ended up rubbing it off in 2 days so she put another one on... at this point she was totally messed up in the head I think... she breaks up with me a few days later...


Of course, the day we break up it's the whole "please be my best friend routine"... yet the next day I get an email saying how there is to be no contact in any form, or she'll go to the police, which was pretty hard because we went to a small school and even had a class together 3 times a week... well of course I couldn't handle it for the first 2 weeks and would contact her... I graduated college, and moved accross the US.


Well, as of today I haven't talked, nor seen her for 3 months. My/our bestfriend who I live with talked to her a few weeks back, and she talked to him for over an hour, telling him how bored she is living where she is for the summer, and "is not over her past relationship" yet she preached to me the last time I talked to her that she was over me. He told her I sold my car, her reply is "he was surgically attached to that thing"... he tells her what I bought, she replies with a "figures", because it was a car she wanted for a long time, and thought I looked "sexy" in...


Anyways, there's so many little details that I could fill up hundreds of pages of course, but there's no room or time for that...I am still respecting her desire for no contact, hoping that she will call me sometime soon. Every single one of our friends say that just give her a few months, and she'll be beggin' you back because you two were perfect together... have heard it from a dozen or so of our closest friends...


Guess i'll leave it at that, I am going to be visiting her area here in a few weeks, she'll just be starting her senior year of college...I am wondering if I should give her a call when I get out there and let her know I am there so there may be the possibility of us hanging out, even after 4 months of being apart I still want her back more than anything.


Enough blabbering for now, g'day. 8)

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Are you serious??? This chick is out of her freakin mind and you'd be as well if you contact her. It's a dead issue and she ain't comin back, but you don't want her anyways. Use your time and energy to find someone nice and normal. At least more normal than this girl, which shouldn't be too hard! lol

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