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It's over after 2 years.... Oh help!!

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I just wanted to post how I am feeling.... After 2 years my relationship is really, truly over.... I haven't heard from him in 22 days now after he initiated the break. I am struggling and I'm finding it really hard. I have been unable to work, I think about him and dream of him, look at my phone, I'm going crazy.... I can't believe that he is out of my life and gone for good. I haven't contacted him (and trust me, it's so hard), and I just don't feel any better.


We had been trying hard to make it work, he asks me to visit him interstate and when I get there, he ignores me, his brother is really rude to me, my ex listens to his brother so much, infact he moved to another state to be with his brother and now is working with him everyday. His brother actually sent me home, bought me a ticket which I was horrified and my ex didn't even say a word, that was it.... My ex is so involved with his family he speaks to his brother on the phone for 2 hours everyday and his mum constantly, daily and they say I am not normal for not doing the same thing.


So many other things also, it's just hard, just wanted to express how I feel and hope words of encouragement might help me through.


Thanks so much!!!

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Oh Dear, yes heartbreak is the pits. You sound like your going through the grief part. Everything you are missing is magnified and it hurts like hell. No Contact will be the quickest way through trust me but still takes awhile to get through the loveshock experience. I am 34 and have had 3 heartbreaks one more heart wrenching than the other two but they all hurt bad. I felt all the things you say u are feeling so that goes to show you will come through it and you will heal and you will love again.

By the way not that it lessens the pain but doesnt sound like he is a great guy to be with anyway, doesnt sound like he is offering you love and respect. You deserve better.

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During the first few months after the breakup i could have sworn i was going to die from the pain. In some sense dying didn't even sound too bad when you are in that position. That's what sucks about being heart broken....nothing cures it other than TIME....


It's ironic that something that hurts sooooo bad can't kill you. It can drive you crazy and make you feel like crap but it can't end---unless you wait of course.


You can go out, have fun, do something different and new, but at the end of the day, when you are all by yourself again, all the sorrows come rushing back and you cry and cry until you finally fall asleep.


I know this part hurts the most--but after awhile you will have cried over every single hurtful thought and begin to run out of reasons to cry.....


Right now it's important to think about it. Don't run away from the problem. Face it and learn the lessons.


I promise it will get a little better.

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