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Help me with my work situation please

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So, wow, I can see why you'd need the weekend to recover from work. You're doing the work of other people and not getting any thanks for it or anything! I'd be madder than all get out.


I've got a basic question for you: What would happen if you didn't do other people's work? IS that possible?


It sounds like your ethics are compelling you to help your firm do the best possible work it can, by finding all the wetlands and endangered-species areas. But my question would be, is it realistic that you would have to compensate for the incompetence of your co-workers? Can you, for example, do work separately from them - just do your part of a project, or do a project that doesn't involve others?


I'm like you. I want my company to produce the best quality product we can. But I've learned to let go of my perfectionism, because I can't compensate for the blunders that others do. Like you, I get mad when others couldn't care less (like my boss sometimes). But I'm fortunate too, because I can do a lot of work on my own, and I'm able to take pride in that.


BTW, about the "wink-wink-there-are-no-endangered-species-here" attitude of your co-workers, isn't your firm liable if it turns out there ARE species found? That would seem like a good enough reason to favor competence over incompetence.


Hang in there!

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Ahh the joys of incompetent co-workers. Sigh....


Ok, you can't quit, but you can look for a new job. I think in the long run you'd be better off working for a non-profit whose mission is to protect wildlife (networking through volunteer work for future jobs), but until then, submit your resume to headhunters and let them find the next job for you.


We moved every 4 years for new jobs and what I've learned is that the only way to get the big raises is to jump companies. Don't limit your job search by geography. The world can be your oyster, if you let it.


One last thing even if you get end up doing the same work at another company, at least you won't tolerate working for less than your worth and doing the work of your co-workers next time, right? That alone could make your weekends worth enjoying again. Good luck!

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