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"I want to marry you someday"

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These words out of my boyfriend's mouth made me so happy. He wrote it on a piece of paper and told me to read it when he wasn't around because he'd be embarrassed. (He's 28 btw, if that matters). I told him a few days later that I read what he wrote, and asked him if he remembered what he wrote and said "of course!"


I'm very shakey about my relationships after my ex really blindsided me. He'd promised marriage too, you see. My question to you boys and men out there is this: it's said that boys are traditionally commitment phobes, and if a guy says something as powerful as "some day I want to marry you." And thought about what he was writing- I saw him write it...he just didn't show me what he was writing...is that signifigant, out of a guy? I mean I've heard that men are scared of the "M" word. Is this true? I'm not all up in arms about it really, I just recall hearing that men are scared of commitment and for a guy to say he wants to marry me someday, that's pretty serious talk. We know our relationship is serious already though. I'm just curious is all.

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I'm not your typical guy, and I don't fear "the 'm' word", as you say. I feel that if Ashlee and I ever grew that close, I would marry her someday. We've talked about the future numerous times, and it rarely upsets either of us.


Then again, some guys make hollow promises, as you mentioned of your ex.


I can't speak for other guys in being "commitment-phobes", but that's my two cents. I don't particularly fear the word. Rather, I'm at that stage in life where settling down to one partner in crime is the most appealing idea to me, though "the 'm' word" is a long ways off, yet.

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Not all men are scared of marriage and of those who are, most of them are scared of divorce.


Unless he is completely playing you, I think the fact that he wrote it down shows that he really means it. It wasn't just a spur of the moment thing but something he had to think about doing. So it sounds good.

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