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A question about penis extensions

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I have a question. My boyfriend and I have been looking into buying a penis extender (not a pump or pills, this is an actual piece that fits onto the penis that increases your length). He is too small to satisfy my needs. My question is, for those who have used one, do the guys feel anything?

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Um I don't think those special pumps are safe...


If my imagination is working correctly I'm guessing you basically put it on your penis and pump away in order to strech it? I reckon you could damage blood vessels and stuff from doing that, which would mean getting an erection would be very hard if not impossible.


Let's just say I wouldn't like to risk my own penis on such a medival contraption.

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Wow... well... Dr. Sue Johnson... has a good website...


link removed


She has a program on cable... Talk Sex... which is informative.


Surprisingly ...this subject comes up often. Now she swears there is actual scientific evidence that proves size doesn't matter. Because a womans body down there, inside..the nerve endings are only about 1 1/2 to 2" up. After that... no feeling.


Sooo what you may be thinking you are lacking is the fullness. A penis extendor I don't know about. But I can't imagine it would be comfortable for him. It'd be like a sleave...and lord knows how men love to wear condoms... a sleave may kill it for him all together. But hey, if he's willing. Try it.


Also you.. can try... Ben-wa balls. Google Ben-wa Balls... I think its the second site down.. I'd send you the linx but I don't think I"d be allowed to in this forum. It may not be appropriate. The title to the site will say: "Ben-Wa Balls: Inside the Erotic Mind"


Ok... if you read down the site... there are women who use it for the extra fullness... which, might be what you are having issues with. And it just may work better for you than a sleave... don't know. Just an idea.

And if you do decide to try them...buy a set of silver or metalic... the plastic ones are.. ehhhh But they serve their purpose.


Wow... poor guy. And you??? but hey.. he's "Got" other body parts that would make you happy... what he can't do with one.. he does with the others. And I think stats are that 70% of women can't orgasm through intercourse anyway... lucky us. Soooo there u go... u may not be missing a darned thing.

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