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I just recently met this girl in a class I'm taking and I'm having some major trouble reading her and was hoping to get some help.


We met a week ago and we hit it off pretty well.. we both have a lot of common interests and I noticed her looking at me and smiling a couple of times. One night I asked her out to coffee after class and she said yes and we had a pretty good time. I got to know her a lot better and made her laugh and at the end of the night we both said we had fun and that we should do it again sometime.


The thing is, though, when we talk 95% of the time I have to initiate conversation. Like during class when there's a break I'm the one that has to go over to her and talk. Also, it seems like she has trouble keeping eye contact for than say, 30 seconds. These may not be major issues but their killing my confidence here since I'm interpretting them as signs of disinterest. It's like one second she's opening up and laughing the next second she's looking around the room and quiet. What gives?


I want to ask her out again to coffee tonight and get her phone number so that we can maybe go on a real date later this week but I'm starting to get the jitters. Any thoughts?

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That's true. Looking away doesn't mean she isn't interested in you, it sounds like the stage is set for you to ask her out.


It's always difficult asking about mixed signals on these forums though. I know, I'm useless at noticing female attraction and have posted before. The trouble is, none of us can see her when she gives you these signals. What you describe as a 'smile' automatically sounds to us like she's interested in you, maybe a little coy smile, but we just don't know.


Girls are smiling at us guys all the time, and most of this time, it's friendly and nothing to do with sexual attraction. I'm not trying to put you off though, you'll know if it's that kind of smile. So go ask her out.

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I think you may be reading too much into the 'mixed signals'. They probably don't mean anything. She may not be able to make eye contact for an extended time because she thinks you're cute, and you might make her a little nervous. No biggie. Also, she might not be initiating conversation because she's shy, or doesn't quite know what to say.


Anyway, besides all of that, I don't think you need to feel these insecurities since she seems to really like you...(I mean, she went out on a date with you and she doesn't reject your advances!) Just keep talking to her, and hanging out with her, and I'm sure she'll open up.

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i remember once when i ran into this and i interpreted the signals as shyness.. but it turned out this was just wishful, desperate thinking on my part.


she didnt want anything to do with me, but i guess some of that desperation showed and it made her unwilling to just break the truth to me.

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She is shy, let her open up to you some more on the next date, the looking and smiling at you is a great sign. She's interested, if she didn't reject going out for coffee and you had a great time with her I guarantee she'd be able to go out on the "real" date with you.



What do you mean getting the "jitters" like your nervous? Just get some balls and throw that **** aside man. Just call her up, only takes like 2-7 minutes really.

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