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All my friends are single and have drink problems.

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All my friends just live in pubs, we're all single boys and girls, theres about 15 of us altogether I counted the other day when we all went out for my birthday. Thing is It's always been like this for about 5 years no ones really ever had a real relationship for yrs


I know its becoming a strain on everyone, knowing them all, they`ve all been in some sort of relationship in the past, and been hurt, or lack confidence, divorces, shyness but some still have hope of finding someone, others have just lost complete intrest thats most of them and turned to drink!


As friends (really just aquentences) we all really met over the yrs through kinda being rejects, sittin in the pub alone and someone else comes and joins you and the group kinda got bigger that way.


No ones really got much in common with each other, We just meet up in the pub and drink all day looking into our own haze.

Most of them are drinking up to 50 pints a week. I'm about 30 pints a week cuz I don't normally don't go out after work, still way to much. The girls are drinking to much too.


I tell myself I only go out just because theres that very slim chance I might meet a girl, but I know I'll just end up drinking.

lately the last couple of months we're goin out even more, and it tires me out just drinking, but I carn't just sit at home I feel I have to need to go out. And its really hard to stay off alcohol in a pub as its all everyone seems to do.


They never hold you back through from getting a girl friend they would encourage you to try, and put pressure on you if I went out and some girl was checking me out to go and talk to her.


It's just all day all night in the pubs

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