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Anyone having relationship problems read this!

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Hey, anyone still in a relationship, or I guess for that matter, out of one, just wanting to know what the other side is thinking, just read the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. I wish my ex would have made me read this book while we were together! I remember reading part of it a long time ago, but I found it in some our stuff, and I can't put it down now!!


It is a good guide on how to keep the love alive in a relationship, after the "honeymoon" is over. Please I beg you all to read it, I know it can help at least some of you who are having problems in your relationships!


I know it won't work for some of your problems, but as I said before it really give you insight into what the other sex is thinking, and feeling, etc.

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Make him read it, if he cares about you relationship, especially if you have problems in your relationship, he should read it! I am really getting into it, I know some men, don't believe in it, but I think they can at least read the part on how to score points with women, and I don't think women would mind getting those points, do you?

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I had a gf, years ago, who asked me to read it, and I did. Then when something happened that was right out fo it, and she complained about me saying something which she was taking out of context, I brought it to her attention that she was reacting and doing so.


On another note, this books discusses words, which is a small portion of our communication. We should also pay attention to and learn the other parts of communication, most importantly body langauge.

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While I'm sure there are a few things that are worthy of notice in that book, most of what I have heard from it is that its a sham. I mean, when the author's degree turns out to be a fake that doesn't seem like a good sign. Here's a link a female friend of mine's gave me a few months ago.


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i also think so as well - after reading the book imo it's one of the better ones out there. you just have to pick and choose the info you're receiving from it. i think in my case with my ex...the book hit a lot of things that were right on. there were a few chapters that i didn't agree with but i think that's with everything.


doesn't matter to me what kind of degree he or his wife has though. i liked what i read for the most part. and i think for some...not all but some...it's somethings that they can use to help themselves in their current relationships or help them in new ones.


i am eager to hear whta my ex has to say what he's learned from it when we meet his week.

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