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Reading all the posts on this section of the forum made me ultra paranoid! I have had PLENLTY of oppturnities to cheat on my wife, I work part time at a popular bar. Lots of good looking women who basically throw themselves at any barman there. Numbers given with the money, the usual. As flattered as I am, I would NEVER EVER cheat on my wife. Yes sometimes I want to kill her and sometimes I wonder why we're together, but I love her and well maybe I'm an idiot and whatever but I'm TOTALLY satisifed with her, even after all this time. We have great sex, regular sex and we are really open about our sex and what we want. Even the times we have been away from eachother for sometime, when I could have easily cheated, I dont. I dont have the interest. I dont want to take the slighest chance of messing things up with my wife.


I have one particular friend who has cheated about (and this is no lie) 200 times in the last two years on his long term gf. She dumped him for other reasons (dont think she has a clue about the cheating) but hes all tormented and heartbroken and is desperate to get back with her.


I dont know if all this is just hilariously idiotic or just plain bad manners.


I dont accept anyones excuses for cheating. Either you're in a relationship or your not. Particularly if its something serious with children, then why do you risk so much for something you just go home and get most likely far better since you have a connection?


People, the grass isnt always greener on the other side. Infact from my experience, most people who cheat end up losing the orignal person which they deeply regret and they usually end up losing the person they cheated with. So whats the deal? If you want to mess around, save yourself and the other person a lot of heartache and trouble and just end it. If you're old enough to be getting drunk then you're old enough to take responsibility. I dont ever know anyone thats been THAT drunk that they dont realise what they are doing is wrong. Otherwise, Id see murders everytime I worked at that bar


And people who get involved with someone who cheats..how the HELL can you trust someone who got involved with you knowing you were in a commited relationship? They're obviously untrustworthy. And those who have cheated on their partners the same applies. The grounding trust just isnt there.


christ, my marriage is pretty much dead. I'm just glad that THIS had nothing to do with it. If my wife cheated on me, no matter how much I love her itd be "adios!". You have shown ZERO respect to me. Proved you dont have any real feelings for me, dont care about the relationship anything more than surface. proved that I'm not enough, that I just dont do. My self esteem would be ruined. You would walk around thinking everything is fine, that you love your wife/husband and they love you, then BAM! its all a lie. That must the WORST feeling in the whole world. I hope I never have to feel like that.


I'm not a religious person, I just believe that LOYALITY and HONOUR mean something. TRUST. that is so easily given and once its gone - its gone forever, have no doubts. It'll never be the same. No matter how much you try and prove it.


sorry, I just needed to vent that!

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hah yup. Theres a few. I just think if it gets to the stage where I really do feel like I have to or want to cheat on my wife, then we shouldnt even be together. If nothing worked to fix our relationship, I'd just end it. I dont need to show her disrespect and just be a plain as*hole about it. I think (eh hope) that she would do the same to me. Even if I didnt have any feelings left for her, I wouldnt go onto another girl right away either. I think you owe your ex or whatever, some respect and understand that most likely they are really hurt and upset by everything. I just dont think I could treat someone who I've loved/hated/laughed with/cried with/lived with/slept with/ate with/whatever with for the last six or more years like that, if they havent done anything to deserve it.


An ex girlfriend of mine (I was young like 18) was real upset when I ended with her and went to another girl right away (she was 22 and wed only been together a few months so nothing serious) and what she told me at the end of that relationship haunts me to this day haha, she said: "someday, someone will do to you what you've done to me, and I hope it hurts as much as this!". I dont think I'll ever forget that sentence. Maybe scared me into line

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You just totally got all my respect there, I have never in a lifetime heard any male ever talk like that.... My ex cheated on me 16 times in 7 years of marriage, finally he just pushed me to extreme, came home and found a bimbo--- I fliiped out and I just had enough, I loved so much and gave so MUCH, thought everything would be okay, didn't happen but everything is okay now, he is out of mine and my childrens lives Sounds bad but I am going through the hate phase at this moment.....

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