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no matter what i do no matter what i try i cant get him outta me ..... every where i go i see sumone who looks like him ... his name mentioned... sumone says something he would say .. a family member .. its driviing me crazy its been 6 months since we broke up an i thought id be over him by now .. but each day im more detirmined to get him back in my life ... i wish i wasnt like this...


ive turned into this fussy B*** every guy i see or meet has to be like him .. i dont wanna be like this ..... but i cant help it...


tuesday is our aniversery i cant cope as it is what am i gonna do plz ... help an dont just tell me to move on cause ive heard it all before an i have tryed an tryed ... an i cant

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It took me a year to get over my ex boyfriend. You will get over it, but it take a long time. It vairies from person to person and also depends on how long you were friends for, how long you went out for, stuff like that. I know it's hard but it will get easier. If he doesn't want you there is nothing you can do about it so you will have to get over it even if you feel like you can't.

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Bek, if it's been 6 months and you're in this much pain, then it's time for an "exorcism" and Tuesday is the perfect day to perform it. Grab everything you have that reminds you of him and box it up. If you can't bear to part with it, grab a shovel and hold a funeral for your relationship. Write out what you want to say -- all the love and hate you felt for this guy -- and then deliver the eulogy. Scream and cry all you want. Let it all out. Tell him how much he meant to you. Tell him what a fool he was to let you go. Tell him that you wish him well, but you're leaving him in God's hands now. Then bury that box!!!


If you're strong enough, I suggest shredding and burning those memories. But that's just me.


When you get home, rearrange your room. You're starting a new life (without him) and rearranging things will give you a visual cue every morning that you've consciously chosen to move on. Good luck! I know this all sounds crazy, but sometimes madness is the very thing that can cure what ails us.

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I dont know about just getting over it honey I have an ex of 2 years now and I think of him, yeah I am dating new people and what not but I will always think of him, and yes at times I want more then anything to be with him, but I know I cant, we are so much better friends then hubby and wife, at first it was we will get along because of the kids but now we call each other to complain about our current relationships.... maybe be friends with him and see where it takes you.....

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