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how do i apologize? Please Read, i really need help

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about 9 months ago(?) i had to go away for a little while.I was haing all kinds of problems but i had made some online friends.I had to go away suddenly, for lack of better phrasing i had a breakdown and then no internet access for a long time. There was one person here i care about in particular,she used to post here(no name given).We had a huge argument and stopped talking to each other and she said she hated me. We finally made peace with that and became friends again, but one night i had my breakdown and just wasnt there the next morning, or for months after.she hasnt posted here in a long time but PMing her is the only way i can even hope of contacting her because i know her AIM sn changed as well as her email. I want to PM her and beg for forgiveness but i dont feel i have the right. its killing me inside because ive moved away from almost all my old problems but so much between us was left unsaid it haunts me.

Please any advice will be greatly appreciated

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