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I have had a rough time of late (check my history) and I feel so alone. Its strange that I feel this way, there are people all around me. But i dont connect with them. I have several friends, people who talk to me, even hug me when they see me, but I have hardly anyone who calls me to see how I am, or ask me for a drink, you know the story.

It feels like I am going mad sometimes, like I am so hurt that I am spiralling downwards and I cant pick myself up. What is wrong with me? I am talking to a coucellor, but its still early days.

I feel I have more in common with Batman villans than people sometimes, and I cant make a proper relationship with people. Even worse, I am starting to hate the world because it rejects me.

I am a lovely person, so caring and friendly, but life treats me like dirt. Am I edstined to be alone, and how do you cope?

Sorry this is so miseralbe.


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i understand how you feel, i am going through the same thing i know its hard and i myself am havin a difficult time getting through it, but dont give up, i know i wont, i really wish i could say more to help but since i am goin through it also i just want you to know that we shoudl both know we arent 100% alone, and we have to keep pushing, pelase dont give up n just try to concentrate on the positive , i know i probaly am not helping but i feel like its best to at least help, to let you know that if a total stanger like me can care then im sure somebody much closer to you really cares also... good luck and ill keep you in my prayers

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It's an uphill battle. I go thru the same thing every day. Surrounded by people yet so alone. I have a few really good friends, but they all moved away and it's hard to hug people over MSN.


I don't know why I keep going but I do. I'm not going to say it's easy cuz it's not. I work 7 days a week just to keep my mind off how lonely I really am. I haven't had a day off since March.

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Hi Ben,


You sound really down at present. I said you could contact me at anytime to talk about anything and I meant it. I didn't get much sleep last night. How about you?


The reason why people aren't asking you out is probably because you are giving off negative vibes! This happened to me a lot and I got the same response.


We have to try and get you back on the right track! Try and think of a subject or hobby you're interested in that we can start a discussion on that will make you feel good. I can't suggest anything because I don't know what you're into.


Have you seen my new topic? It's in the Spirit forum.


Finally, before you go to sleep open your mind and ask your Spirit Guide (Guardian Angel) for healing help. Do this every night. Just believe in the thought.


Here's some to focus on until your mind pictures one of its own.




(Don't laugh because it worked for me!)


Take care of yourself.


Tigris (Deborah)

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