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Hey, this is one for the girls... But I'm sure if you guys have any helpful advice, you'll post for me too *^_^*


So, there's this girl at my college. We recently were playing a form of 'Truth Or Dare' (unwise, I know!!)


Well, the collective 'group' asked me what I thought about this girl. I told them the absolute truth; that I had liked her from the first day I met her.


Of course, the 'group' then asked this girl the same question about me. It turns out she likes me too, she feels the same.


Anyway... We got to know each other a little better. We're pretty good friends.


I asked her to go out with me - to date me. And she turned me down!!




Five seconds later, she was making out with me?!


It happened pretty fast. We've made out twice since then...


What does she actually want from me?!


Thanks for your help.



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