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Why must she hurt me

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In oct 2003, i came home from work to find ,my world and the love of my life gone .after 6yrs and 1 event where she was taken away from me for 482 days and after spending 17000 dollars to get her set free she had left me for a useless junkie you used to be my friend ,when i found out and caught her with him , she said she didnt love anymore ok fine, but why did she have to take all i had .heart, trust,all my dreams and then do things like file court orders so i could not talk to her but when she needed money she would come around at nite why was it necessary to hurt me so bad after all i had done to help her please somebody help me!

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The simple answer is that she used you - she misled you into thinking that she loved you when all she wanted was a support system for when she got into trouble.


She took advantage of your love and generosity.


Get over her as quickly as you can and find someone who loves you in return - don't let her sour you on relationships and women. Because if you do she will have harmed you more than she already has.

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