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cant cry, is this a problem

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havent cried in 7 years, last when i was 13. physical pain doesnt bother me andt, emotional pain doesnt seem to make me cry either.


im a guy and most guys are trained not to cry. should i be worried or just deal with it because its who i am and its what society is like in the world of guys.

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The fact you don't shed tears isn't necessarily important - what is important is that you are not emotionless. If you are, the perhaps you should be analysing why and if anything happened in your past to make you that way. It is normal to feel joy, pain, happiness, anger, pleasure, love, dislike and sadness. If you don't feel those things then something is awry.

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Ditto on the feeling emoions bit. Just remember everyone handles their emotions in various ways. I only cry if someone hurts me. If someone leaves or dies I rarely cry. I just can't cry in certain situations. Also I've noticed that guys aren't as emotional as women. So if you feel emotions but don't react in any way, don't worry. It's not that big of a deal.

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Coming from a person who used to shed tears a LOT, I think maybe you're just tough or that the atmosphere you were raised in, you saw, heard, or experienced things that made you an emotionally strong person.


With me, now I'm at a point where I've heard it all before and whereas people and their words or actions used to upset me and disappointment me, it doesn't have much affect on me. It just rolls off of my back. So instead of me crying/getting emotional once a month, I now do so about every 3 or 4 months .


Yeah, I know you're saying my situation sounds hardly comparable to yours, but trust me this is a vast improvement 8)

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If it's not harming you or others, then it's not a problem. Personally I hate crying, but I find when I let myself completely go, crying is carthartic and freeing and I get my logical side back. So now rather than fight the tears, I embrace them. Just a thought...

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