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asap please answer fast. how to turn my bf on!

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hey , i'm dating an awesome guy for about 3 weeks now. I need some ideas on how to get him turned on..and to get him to be more romantic. I don't wanna be the girl that always makes the first move. Just simple things like holding my hand while we are watching a movie is almost imposible..Also it seems to be that when other ppls are around he won't be all lovey dovey ..but when were alone he's all lovey dovey..any advice?..anything i can do to get him to wanna be more sexual when were alone..any tips?any thing to turn him on..that he'll wanna pounce on me?



thanks in advance

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well, you could talk to him about it. he might still be shy around you and doesnt know for sure whether its 'okay' to hold your hand through a movie or how 'public displays of affection' would go over with you. OR, he might have a problem with those things. theres no of knowing until you talk to him, so go chat it up!


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Don't make it about how he is a bad boyfriend because he is not romantic - tell him it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when he is.


That way he doesn't get defensive and feel under attack but he gets the benefit of making you happy. And make sure you show you are happy when he does that by being extra affectionate.

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