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Instinct in attraction?

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One of the things people tell me that is really accurate in telling whether a man likes you is intuition. Does your gut tell you he likes you? If it does, he does, and visa versa. Well, I know that my gut has been wrong, but it has moreso been right. What do you think? This guy I knew, I was pretty sure he liked me before some things happened and we didn't see each other for a while. Then, he came back and my gut instinct says that he doesn't like me like that anymore. However, if you read the section about whether or not someone is interested, he does some of those things...

It doesn't matter I suppose that much, although it is curiosity inducing. He seems to have a lot of physical chemistry with his ex, even though he broke up with her. Makes me think he is going to hook up with her again. Any thoughts?

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The point is that if your gut instinct is only right some of the time, albeit most of the time, it is not reliable and thereforeeee you have to rely on other methods to see if he is interested. Like asking him out.

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It's good to go by your gut instinct, I do that all the time. But sometimes it's just hard to figure out somethings by relying on that method. The only way to find out is by asking him. Ask him how he feels about you and hopefully he'll answer all your questions. I hope things work out.

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Are there any other methods? I don't have any intention of asking him out -- my current feelings are irrevelant, as I said, the main motivation is curiosity. I want to know about covert methods for gauging that sort of thing. It seems that he flirts with his ex quite a bit when I am around. Besides, he didn't speak to me much after that either...it seems pretty obvious that he's not interested. Lol, don't make fun of me, but I took a quiz about whether a guy might be interested and it said yes and thats what made me wonder. Although, the girl seems to get quite unnerved in my presense. She doesn't like it that I am there, which might be a detection of jealousy that comes from knowing something I don't? He and I used to be good friends, and I think he used to like me...but again, doesn't seem to currently be the case...

How do you think I should act?

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One thing that often happens when someone is interested is that the pupils of their eyes enlarge.


They tend to look at you you a little longer or shorter than other people. and you will often catch them looking when they think you aren't looking back.

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I know a guy who does that to me, still, even though he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship. I moved on after I asked him out, but he exhibits those very signs. What does that mean?

Do you think he was physically attracted to me, but truly wasn't ready for a relationship or what?

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It's possible that he was not ready, or was nervous, or was also interested in someone else and showing the same signs to her. These are not signs that people are always aware of exhibiting, or can control, especially enlargement of the pupils. But they don't necessarily signal an exclusive interest.

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