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My ex split with me a month ago we have talked during that time not much though we both agreed to move on (she has a man now). Last week I said there was a new girl that people at work said reminded them of her - she said I should go for it !! This week she email to see if i had contact her and how i was doing? I didn't talk about the girl (which I haven't made a moved for) Just say how i was doing. During emails she said she had a dream about me with another girl but didn't know what it meany. I said possibly subconscious she was wondering about my relationships. She got angry and said she couldn't care less who i was with etc. It made me wonder why did she mention it if she didn't care.She started talking about her man saying they were doing things that we didn't and the he was good to her etc. I just said Ok he sounds like a good guy hope it works out. Then she said the relationship was going too fast and she had to slow it down but didn't want to upset him and that she always messing up relationships. She dumped me and have another man so why is she bugging me about her relationships and problems. I'm cool talking as a friend but why do i matter to her in this way. I've been told she might be on the rebound - does it look like that? I think she insecure but she feels security when with someone so why she upset about the past? Isn't it easier to get over someone when you got someone?

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from what you said, rebound seems likely...


as for your last statement, the 'isnt it easy to get over someone' statement...this isn't always true. many times, espically in rebound situations, the person mind is always on the one they were with as opposed to the one that they are with. I can say from personal experience, the last time i split with someone, i missed her even though i soon after had a new girlfriend. Thats the way rebounds tend to work.


hope that helps



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probaly liek around 90% of females, she's confused, probaly wants you back but liek 100% of females has a lil too much pride to admit it lol but it sems liek she still feels as if she can talk to you, she probaly still has alot of feelings for you as well

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