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hey today is my brothers birthday and my parents gave him 2 things thats were probably alot of money, tomorrow is his party,my uant ,uncle grandmother and neighbour is here. In march its goin to b my 16th birthday and do know who's goin to be here probably my granmother and neighbours. See my uant and uncle will be in newfoundland my cousins r going to be somewhere and my grandmother could be gone and i wont have a party since i'll be to old to have one.On my 15th birthday my parents still havent gotten around to giving me my birthday present. Because they had to save money to take my brother on hockey trip. When i was little my birthday was so much more fun i had parties i had my grandfather lotz of cousins uants and uncles but last year i had a friend over and my brother had my ex boyfriend over. So ya i m so depressd no one will be here for my 16th but everyone is here for his 14th!!!!!

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First off, who told you that you are too old for a party? You are NEVER too old for a party!! I'm sorry you are feeling so left out and a tad jealous. I think your feelings are undertandable. You will have some family, so you can't really say that "no one" will be there. I'm sure that your entire family would be there with you if they could. Sometimes things happen and we're not able to be with the ones we love on special occasions. I'm sure all of us has experienced that at one time or another. It sucks, but it's part of life. That said, have you talked with them about how you feel?


Why not celebrate when everyone can be together? It won't be on the exact day, but it would still be special. Remember that the price of gifts shouldn't matter, although I can see how you'd feel slighted since your needs seem to be put on the back burner to your brothers. That's really hard!! I knew someone who was in that situation when we were your age, many many years ago, lol!! I'm not quite a dinosaur though! It was VERY hard on her too and I always tried to make things special for her. Do you have a really close friend? Maybe you guys could do something special together and make it an annual event. Your birthday is just as special and don't forget that!!

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