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May I have this dance?

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A girl I am interested in was hinting to me that she likes to dance (like club dancing, to hip-hop or rap, or rock) This is a problem for me. I don't know how to dance like that at all. And, since I already have little time for anything else, I can't sign up for a class or anything.



Can anyone give me some advice on wht to do? I've thought a bit about just watching some guy dance at a club, and then copying him, but I'd like something more than that. I don't want to act like a "wall flower" around this girl. I'm not looking to be the best dancer there, just something so that i don't don't stand there. Any suggestions on how to learn to dance (club, rap - hip hop, or rock dancing)as soon and quickly as possible would be great!

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Hey buddy.


I was in the same position as you for my Semi-Formal in high school. I may not be the most graceful of characters and sure as hell could not dance.


The good thing is that, at a club or a dance etc etc. Nobody is really standing there, watching you dance. They won't judge you unless you purposely gather that crowd around you and start doing crazy weird stuff.


Just feel the music, try not to be stiff. If your hands are on her waist and you are holding her close and just moving to the beat of this music (it doesn't matter how), than that's perfect.


Whatever you do, be confident in it. It will show if you dance and you're worried about it, this isn't good. Hell, if you have the confidence you can go to a club, grab your ankles and hop around like a chicken, and nobody will mess with you.


Good luck!

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A good icebreaker, ask her to teach you! That way she will laugh with you and not at you!


Good luck.


Yeah. That's a great point that I forgot to mention. She'll probably find it cute that you don't know how to dance and enjoy teaching you.


We all know that you want her to teach you how. We all know.

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Thanks for all the advice, and my initial plan WAS to ask her how to teach me todance, but I thought against it, because she's been my friend for a while, and I think she is the type of girl that would be more impressed if I knew how to dance right from the start.


oh, and Keep the advice coming if you've got it!

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A healthy relationship needs some differences too. If your not into that dancing and don't want to do it, then don't. She shouldn't have a problem with it. If you do want to learn, have her teach you.


Though why anyone would want to do that dancing when you can hold each other in a nice romantic slow dance.... it's beyond me.

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Shysoul, relationships do take a little give and take, not everyone has everything in common. Although, if I could find a girl that liked watching House M.D., played paintball, and liked reading classic books, that would be heaven.


Shysoul, it's not that I don't want to dance, I just don't know how, and wouldn't like to make a fool of myself infront of a girl. It's not that I think she'll stop talking to me once she finds out I can't dance, I'd just like to surprise her by taking her out to a place to do something she likes to do. And yes, I would hold her in a romantic way, but let's see how this goes first.

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