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Why Did She Send Me Pics

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Why haven't you called her? I'm guessing you don't want her back...right?


She is reaching out for whatever reason. If you are not interested then keep doing what you are doing now: nothing.


Best wishes !

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Hehe.. I was going to say something along those lines but more like...


If she sent pictures of just herself to you, then she's probably throwing out some sort of olive branch.. though not necessarily saying she wants to get back together.


If she sent you pics of her on her spring break in Cancun, or with her new boyfriend or the new mercedes she just got as a bonus at her job... well... that's just her showing that she can move on because she obviously had some unresolved issues.


one other option.. if they were sent by email.. they may have been sent by mistake But, put a star in your little black book that you're still in her address list.

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well, to be honest, she had put on some weight and her hair was lanky.....frankly she had gone downhill in the looks dept but it makes no difference to me


we have been in touch on an on/off basis for several months before hand though the emails were always very polite and small talkish......


just odd how she has kept in touch all this time......


no, I would never, ever send her pics that might hurt her.......I still love her and always will

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definitely an olive branch... did she recently (like in the last couple of months) break up with someone else? Be careful of some rebound reach out if she's feeling low... but if you do love her, and think that things could progress, maybe she is trying to test the waters a bit.


Take it slow and see what happens if you want it to happen

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