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How do you pleasure a man while giving head.

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What exactly makes the guy happy when you give head? i dont want to like just unzip his pants and start suckin. i want to make him happy and excited before i give head, so i dont have to be done there long. Just need tips on how to and what makes him happy. and what makes him want to come back for more.

please give some GOOD ADVICE

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The key is finding out what he likes. He may just want you to start sucking or he might want you to build up to it. If you dont plan on being down there for long then that says something already that you dont really want to do it. If your desire to perform a bj isnt there then it will be seen in your actions.

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You had said before in previous posts that you are only 14!!! Should you REALLY be thinking of doing that? Why the rush to grow up? I hope you reconsider, but on the off chance you don't then pleeeeeease be careful!! You can pick up an STD from oral too!!

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I strongly agree with jna here. Be careful. I read in other posts that the guy in question has a gf? Why do you want this?


A guy with multiple sexpartners can easily catch an std and infect you with it. Almost ALL std's can be spread by oral sex as well, sadly enough it seems that most people are not aware of this.


Sex (oral included) is not to be taken lightly. If you are already asking NOW what will make him come back, my impression is that you need some sort of reassurance or attention from him and you see performing orally on him as a way to establish this.


Take care,



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Holy Crap DG damn I just read your post! lol


Dragon Girl will you marry me???



lol just kidding but, WOW you definitely will have a VERY HAPPY MAN!


Seriously dude... This is why I keep asking her to visit me down in the lone star state

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