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Is he flirting with me?? Boys advice, and girls pls!!

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hey i saw you reply to my post too! haha well. the biggest thing to look for is difference in behavior..like i was at great america and when the girl i liked came i became almost completely silent (me usually being the most outgoing person around) that is a really big one. if you can catch them looking at you and then when you look at them they turn away thats a really big one too but sorta hard to catch so ask a friend to look for it! lol! uhh alot of smiling is a good sign, tapping you to get attention instead of calling your name, actually any touching what-so-ever...well thats all i can really think of right now but i really hope this helps you! thanks for the reply in my post too!

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Fidgets, will look at you a lot, if he's shy he will freak out when you lock eye contact and will look away within a second he'll be interested if the eye contact is constant, if he's not shy he will make you look away first doesn't have to smile most of the time when we're interested and we're shy we don't want to smile because we don't want to scare you away. The guy will try to make himself appear more taller and shoulders broader. When he's talking to you he might not be able to get a smile off of his face. He'll laugh at your jokes, or something in the conversation even if it isn't funny or THAT funny (out of nervousness). Easiest way to tell if a guy is into ya is if he's nervous and fidgety and will look at you a lot (which can be a serious face, no not a serial killer look and not a serious geek face or it can be a smile, most of the time I think guys who aren't really forward have a serious face usually unless they get the balls to smile one day). If a guy unexpectedly makes an effort to talk to you, then just stops for a long time and will only make eye contact more than likely has a crush on you/is interested. That's basically all I can think of for now.

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Well, I'm not a guy, but I hang around guys pretty much all the time, and I'm pretty darn good at gauging if a guy is into me (or so I like to think!), so I hope my answer will be sufficient too!


The first very obvious sign is that when you enter the room, he will look at you immediately if he isn't otherwise occupied, and will smile and make eye contact. If he's shy, it will be minimal eye contact and a tiny smirk, but it's definitely there. If he's outgoing, you might get a full out toothy smile.


Second, like someone else said, he will laugh at your jokes. Good jokes. Bad jokes. Hell, he'll laugh if you do something stupid that makes you look cute, but it will be an endearing laugh as opposed to a "what an idiot she is" laugh. (like accidentally hitting your head against the door, which I, the #1 klutz, do a lot)


He'll find oppurtunities to talk to you if he's outgoing. He'll somehow always be within your line of sight if he's shy. If he's outgoing he'll touch you. How he touches you depends on the guy. Some guys will give you a playful slap/punch if you're joking around. This one guy I'm pretty sure is into me likes to cuff my head a lot with his hand in a "you're so cute and I want to pet you" kind of way.


A great way to see if he's attracted to you is the "personal space rule". See how close you can stand next to him before he moves away. If he's into you, he won't move away unless you throw yourself onto him. (even shy guys won't move away as long as you're the one moving towards them. Don't expect them to come towards you!) If he's not into you, he will feel his personal space being invaded and will lean back or step back.


You have to remember though that just because guys are attracted to a girl doesn't mean they are interested in her. A lot of my guy friends with steady girlfriends will check out girls and talk about how hot they are, but they're just into her looks, not actually her. Yet they may show some of the signs that guys who genuinely like a girl will show.

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I can give you two perspectives. Me now (not shy) and how I was when I was in high school (somewhat shy). Warning: This post may drag on.


Let's start when I was in high school. I was relatively shy when I began high school.

I wouldn't approach a girl I liked. I wouldn't even let her catch me staring at her. If she came up and spoke to me, I would feel more comfortable speaking to her. If I saw her again later on, I wouldn't feel comfortable approaching her unless she either waved at me or called my name. If she was with her friends, I might not feel comfortable talking to her until her friends are gone.

This wasn't the case with girls I wasn't interested in. I could talk to them without any problem. My best friend in high school was a girl.


Ok, me now. I'm not shy about talking to anyone. I do tend to listen more than I speak, but that's how I get to know people.

If I like a girl, I won't shy away. I'll make eye contact and smile a lot. I'll make any excuse, within reason, to see her or talk to her. If she tells me about a problem she's having, I'll offer help if I can. If I can't help, I'll offer sympathy. I'll ask her to lunch or dinner. I may touch her hand, face, arm or hair when having a conversation (hair and face will usually relate to a topic of conversation). If I see a girl I want to talk to and I'm with my friends, I'll excuse myself and approach her alone. I will cancel other plans to be with her. I will compliment her smile or just tell her she looks 'cute' or 'very pretty' today. Basically, I'll do whatever I can to keep her smiling. If she was with her friends, I will try to lure her away or just simply approach her and speak to her. If she's interested, in my experience, either her friends will leave or she will excuse herself from them.


I'm sure there are other things I do, but I can't recall them right now.

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I get an instant smile when I look at this one girl at work. I automaticly look at her when she comes in or walks out. I always speak to her, even if its just a hi or how are you doing. I don't do that with all the people at work. She is always within my sights. When I am at an idle pace in my work I will look around to see where she is at. She of course returns all of this back to me. She is a relatively shy girl although she is very confident, successful, and outgoing as well. Just like me. But she has never had a boyfriend before.


So yes, all of those things are some ways I flirt with girls. And yes I am a shy type person. So thats how I do it. Also, I try to initiate conversations with her starting with work related things. Hoping that it will lead to personal stuff or somethign non work related. How can I segway in to asking her out?!

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