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I have spent 3 days with the ex now ,everything seems to be going ok we havent told anyone we are somewhat back,I just dont want to get my hopes up with him being cool right now,,his MO is to be okay ,find something to argue about and to me to take a hike.. I do believe if this happens this time it will be my last straw with him, Than it will be back to NC but i feel that this time it might not be as hard ...u can only kick a dog until it bites back.. I was getting panic attacks when I wasn't with him,now that we have been together for a few days they have stopped ,,they were really bad in the morning first thing when I woke up, what a scarey feeling.. So how do I act towards him now ..I don't want to be clingy but I also don't want to act to tough ...

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This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship at all. Why, exactly, are you willing to take him back? How many times has he done this to you?


If you are having panic attacks you should see your doctor and get treated for them, but that is not a reason to take someone back who does not treat you with respect and help you to feel good about yourself.


What do you think?

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