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Hiya everyone!


I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. I am staying with my sister for a bit and have not had much chance of internet use.


Anyway I have this fear of he roads in Bristol. You see even though I am down visiting my sister, she still has to work in order to finish her deadline. So I go and meet her at lunch time. The thing is the roads in Bristol are about 3 or for lanes long, where I'm use to the roads been 2 or 3 lanes long in my home town.


Sometimes, the 'wait' button doesn't work so I have to take my chance getting accross the road without being ran over. The thing is I'm scared I start having panck attacks then when I meet up with my sister I feel quiet and out of it.


I know this is kinda wimpy since I'm 16 but I'm scared, so I was wondering whether anyone an relate to this problem or offer any advice. I just fear meeting her. I'd ask her to meet me half way, however that would cut down my time I get to spend with her.


so can anyone help?





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Is there an alternative to crossing the road, e.g. a subway?


Also, talk to your sister about it. She'll have noticed you're always quiet when you see her. She may think she's done something to upset you.


When I was about 14 I went to cross an ordinary road and 'froze' in the middle of it. The driver realised what had happened and stopped to let me accross!


Good luck and take care.

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no, no sub ways in Bristol. No point in getting a bus either as it's rather a quick journey on foot. Plus I appreciate the hilly scenery.


Louise knows that I'm scared of the Bristol roads and told me I'll be fine if I take my time. She did tell me (which wasn't helpful) that one of her work mates got ran over about 3 weeks ago he was alright, but it's not what I wanted to hear.


I feel stupid about this but I aren't sure what to do ...





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Can you drive a car? The reason I'm asking is that drivers have to be able to judge distances and speed.


I know what you mean about being scared. I was a Lollipop Lady (School Crossing Patrol Officer) and that was very scary at times!


What is the road speed limit?


The more I know the more I can help you.

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I don't think you are wimpy at all!! How "lovely" of your sister to tell you of the person who got run over!! If it panics you that much, I would sit down with her and have a heart to heart. Panic attacks are VERY real!! Also, I like your idea of meeting her halfway.

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