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tonight i was sitting at home and all of a sudden i got really suicidal, not depressed, i was fine emotionally, i just was about to kill myself. nothing was bothering me i just got up and went and got some cleaning chemicals and made a suicide drink, it was like i couldnt control my body, obviously i didnt drink it but i was about to and i dont know why does anyone have any advice?please im confused and worried

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I guess figure out what set you off... sometimes its the small things. and well first off suicide isnt good or the right way... but chemical drinks like that are just gonna make u REALLY sick and in lots of pain. Can sometimes kill you but more or less left with life altering illnesses.


Well I guess call a friend. Tell someone you can trust. Might not hurt to see a dr and just see if you need something temp for a bit of depression or something...


You said you are fine, but clearly not if consitering suicide... What was going on in your mind? heart?

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well in my mind ive got about a hundred different thoughts going at once, nothing unusual, in my heart well i am in love with someone and she loves me but we cant be together for 18 months, but we agreed if we feel the same in 18 months we'd give it a try. that is good news though i dont see why that would trigger it. im not consulting a doctor because ive been medicated half my life and i hate it and i dont need more pills in me to make me happy. what could have caused this?

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I know what you mean about overmedicated.... It is certianly not fun...


I don't know what could have caused it... Do you have any diagnosis? that would make it easier to give it a guess at least..


Or anything out of the ordinary happen??


And you mentoned about the girl... Are you happy waiting that long? Because if you aren't... but she is so cant really talk to much about it, then thats hard, and can do that to you...

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Go and see your doctor immediately!


I was suffering with depression and had planned how to hang myself! The doctor sent me to a psychiatrist and I discovered it was issues from my past that had never been resolved that had triggered this reaction. I was given tablets and had numerous appointments. I am now off the medication and deal with problems like a normal person.


This is something that cannot be dealt with by ordinary people!


Take care.

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uhm im diagnosed bipolar, schizophrenic, and have anxiety disorders.

as far as this girl, im totally fine waiting that long.


i might consider seeing a doctor but where i live theres a law if your put on medication for depression 3 times you cant get off it, and this would be my third time

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I was told I'd need to be on depression tablets for life, so at sometime in the future I'm going to need them. When I do I'll take them!


I understand that people with bipolar need medication to help them. Wouldn't that give you a better life instead of thinking about committing suicide, etc.?


Please get help.


Take care.

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i just think medication is unnatural , and everytime ive been put on it i get really sick, and it doesnt go away after i adjust to the meds.


i know im bipolar but i dont think i need medication ive dealt with it fine, no cutting, thoughts or attempts of suicide in 8 monthsuntil last night and i wasnt like depressed i just did it

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Have you tried 'natural' medications? Some of mine are from a sort of herbal shop. It's great because I don't get side effects with them.


I don't know a lot about bipolar can you tell me what happens to you?


Looking forward to your reply.


Take care.

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well being bipolar my emotions are mostly like extremes

i either get really depressed or really happy. my mood can swing like really fast its never really stable, i could be on top of the world one moment and depressed the next. also it affects the way i sleep, persoanally it causes me insomnia. i cant get to sleep and when i do never more than like an hour.

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I know what all of those things are like!


Until my depression was under control I was sad/crying all the time and then suddenly I'd be euphoric. Then a few seconds later I'd be crying again.


Also, I go through months of suffering from insomnia with 1-2 hours sleep and then about 6-10 months later I can't stay awake. I fell asleep about 3 weeks ago when I was driving the car and woke up on the wrong side of the road with a large ford van coming towards me. SCARRRRY! I've only driven short distances since!


I'm pleased I've found this site. It fills in the hours when I can't sleep!


Look after yourself.

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