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Friend or Fake?

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How do you know when/if a "friend" is really a friend?


Situation: Ive recently become friends with a girl who is 22 ( i am 16). I normally hang out with ppl older than me... but not that much older. Anywas, sometimes i just dont know if she really cares about our friendship or if she is just being nice to me or using me. She talks to me about her boy problems and recently opened up about her ex-husband (which she never talks about). I mean she does ask about me and my relationships and stuff, but she has made plans and cancelled at the last minute alot. I am a very pleasing person... and i just dont know...


SHould i just confront her and ask her? I mean.. bc of my friendship with her... my dad has been mad at me alot. I just dont know if she is worth the trouble. What should i do?

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My dad is a very untrusting person. He does not trust me around her bc she drinks... but she noramlly doesnt around me. Anywyas, i do not have time to test her charcter... i need to know kinda soon. The longer we are friends... the worst my dad will get about me spending time with her. I do not want to make things worse at home then they already are if her friendship is not worth it.

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