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Feels like something is missing in my life...

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Sometimes I feel really kind of empty inside....I wish I had something that I was really good at that I could make into a regular hobby, but im not really too good at anything except computers. Im not a geek or anything like that I was just in vo-tech for a couple years and learned a lot of stuff. I see that my friends all have hobbies like skating, music, car, etc...but I dont really want my only hobby to known in computers. And I dont feel like alone or anythign either cuz I have a gf that I love so much and is always there for me. My friends are also very supportive too at the times when I need them most. I just dont know what I can do...yesterday was so depressing cuz I was home alone all day with nothing to do and all my friends and gf were busy doing stuff. It felt like the worst feeling in the world......and I couldnt stand it so I just left the house for a little bit and went for a bike ride, which I usually never do. Could somebody please give me a take on this cuz I really want to make something of myself in life....I dont want to be left hobbyless.

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I know how you feel in the aspect of not having hobbies, but I did have hobbies. I was never good at the things my peers where good at. Example, my sister is real artsy, and I have not artistic bone in my body. I can barely draw a stick figure where she can crochet, draw, sew, decorate, etc. I can't do any of that and I can't even stand to color. Everyone has their own interest. Being on the computer as a hobby doesn't make you a geek. It is just your hobby which has many things to do. You can draw, play games, design things (programs, web pages, etc.), communicate with other people, write, etc. There are many aspects to a computer. The previous post said to go out an explore which in my opinon is very good advice. How do you know you aren't good at something or you don't like something until you try it? Go dancing, ride your bike, swim, bowl, shoot pool, etc. If none of those things suit you don't get down on yourself just focus in on the things you do enjoy doing and excel at them.

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