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Hey all..I hope everyone is having a great day


Things are better for me today. I had a relapse the other day...but

it was fleeting.

Anyway, I just have a question. Has anyone met someone they may have liked a lot after a breakup...and because of the bad timing , it just didn't work out? Did you ever end up with that person at a later time? Did you just end up being friends? I am asking because I am talking to someone right now who seems nice..but right NOW, it's not there for me..although I like him. He knows my situation....I guess my concern is that he will move on by the time I know I am ready again. Does that make sense? I don't want to jump into a rebound thing I guess.


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Haven't been in that situation before. They only thing I can suggest is tell him what you've just told us. That you'd like to be friends and just see how you feel from there. He'll be happy because you're being honest with him.


Good luck

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