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friends suck

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well... it was a sad day today... theres this gorgeous girl that i am really crazy over.. and most of my friends know. sometimes we hold hands.. or hold eachother.. so there is something going on.. but i just havent told her how crazy i am about her. well, yesterday i talked to a friend, and she really convinced me to finally get out with it. and today i took her, and two of my friends to go to the beach.. and i wanted to tell her. but to my dismay, she and one of my friends were flirting the whole time. then we went to this little restaurant, and he came up to me and said.. dude, you both like eachother, go and start something. and i was just shocked that he would have the nerve to come tell me that after he had bee flirting and touching her and stuff.... then we drove home, and she asked what was wrong, because i didnt say anything at all... but i couldnt.. and really didnt want to get it out. now im just upset and cant sleep at all. anyone have any encouragement or advice? id really appreciate it

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dont be the nice guy here, flirt with her, before your friend continues to do so. You will have no one to blame but yourself.


I know it isnt easy, but you have to take more action. Sneak a kiss from her, show her your interested do not tell her.


And dont get upset like you did over the beach incident, this only shows her your insecure, or upset over what she may think is nothing with your friend. You acted like a wounded little kid who did not get his way. Fine if your upset, but never show it. Not in that way, it will send her mixed singles.


Call her up and ask her if she wants to go out, just the two of you. None of your friends. Be confident, be funny with her, just relax and enjoy your time together.

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Well if she brings it up then you can, but dont mention it was over how your friend was acting with her.



The best thing to do is to call her and take her out and have fun. Forget about the beach incident. If it is menat to be then it will be. And it sounds like your chances are good.


best of luck

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you were right!!!!!! i saw her today, it was her.. and her friend. she did bring up why i was so upset last night. i told her shed find out soon enough, and that it wasnt her.. or my friend.. but i realized it was my fault the night got ruined, and i acted like an idiot. then she said not to wait forever to let her find out. then we talked... and i kissed her hand, and lol we walked around the whole park holding hands. aaand, i guess im just really happy. any advice on what i should do next?

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well it sounds like you got things pretty well under control, i dont recall reading that you asked her to be your gf? thats i guess what you should try next..me and the girl i like arent as touchy as you guys are but im also trying to find a good time to ask her out as my gf too! but one thing you must really keep in mind is that just like there are girls that are flirty almost all the time with anyone there are also guys that do that..alot of people say i flirt with too many girls! we dont mean it to be hurtful even if we know someone else likes the person we are flirting with but its just who we are but i guess there does come a point where sometimes a guy can go to far. but you didnt explain it too much and you dont need to now. anyways i have a post in the attraction and flirting on asking people how to make a special way to ask someone to be your gf so if you want you can read that, if she is this touchy with you and not your gf yet then im pretty sure she is just waiting for you to pop the question. well i hope this helped you and good luck to you guys!

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Take her out on a date, and KISS HER ALREADY


Forget the whole friend thing.. if you and your friend are competing for her, dont let him win.


It looks like she likes you.. all you gotta do is make the move already. Dont tell her anything... just kiss her.

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i am going to... i made a plan on how to. its still not perfect, but she wont forget it... ever. david isnt much competition though.. i found that he flirts and will probably do anything that has legs and walks. that kinda sickens me. oh well.. oh.. just in case you guys want to know the plan...


operation heart


sorry.. i had to give it a name. anyway.. im gonna ask her to go fishing.. and well go to the lake. then on the dock, theres gonna be us both having fishing poles, and also one in the middle... and eventually she will ask whos it is.. and ill say.. hmm, i dont know, but lets see if they caught anything. then ill reel it up, and show her whats on there.. and im not sure what yet, but ill have something on there asking her to be my girlfriend. tell me what you guys think

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Do it however you want, it sounds romantic, maybe a bit too romantic for some, but you're the one that knows her, so I take it you know she likes that kind of stuff. Just however you do it, be confident and assertive and tell her what you want. try not to ask her out gradually, interspersed with ums, ers, maybes and if possiblys; but come straight out with it. She'll appreciate it, sounds like you're on to a winner.

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