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I just woke up from a dream about my ex. Weve been split up almost 10 months now. Thats a long time, and this is the 4th night in a row ive had a dream about her. The dream itself wasnt too involved, but afterward i just feel so sad.


I dont understand. It hurts me to not really know why she cut me out of her life. It hurts me that she is living her life and ignoring me. Also, its been 10 months. I guess its still ok to have these dreams but !!!!!! i just thought i was through most of this.


I dont know when it will stop. I dont know when i wont think about her anymore. She dropped out of my life very quickly so i didnt have time to build up an anger for her. I know she has lots of issues, and im sure thats why she chose to completely cut me out of her life. I never really held it against her.


That leads me to be sad about it now. Im not able to justify the termination of the relationship. I cant say, "Well it was good for a while, but then she turned into a monster." Then my mind would be at peace.


Im afraid i will linger on like this forever. jljkdkljsfdjklsdfklj i dont really know what to do.


I probably shouldnt be posting at 4 in the morning when im tired and cant get back to sleep, it shows a bad side of myself Im just not doing so well. Im gonna have a long day at work now too (haha look at me whine, i take it back!)

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posting at 4 in the morning when your tired is prime time. It appears to me that you cared for her quite a bit... how long were you with her? have you gone out and met other people? how old are you? i would do my best not to let such a dark cloud hover over my head, and to do somthing you love before you go to bed, so that you arent thinking about anything negative when you fall asleep

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its gotta be the worst feeling in the world to love someone so deeply and not have them feel the same way. I know what you're going through man. I just found out my six year marriage and seven year relationship was over. no warning signs or anything like that. just poof! gone.

trying to focus on other things. Had I not had a son with her this would be a lot easier but this is the love of my life and well, she's ALWAYS going to be around in some shape or form

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I thank both of you for your sympathy


I did care for her a lot, my 21st birthday is in like 3 months. We were together around 9 months, maybe more - i forget. We were really close for sure. Defiantely the first person i ever considered a future with.


I feel you on the no negative thought thing. Its a good idea to do something positive before you sleep. I thought i have been though! Ive been reading a book im really into before sleep. Ahhh its like theres nothin i can do!


I havent really met new women yet. For one it took a while to heal from this thing, so ive really only been 'out there' a few months. I havent found someone to fall head over heels with yet. Maybe if i could do that it would help?


Confusedashell, i feel for ya man. I dont mean to get all dramatic but sometimes i dont understand why pains like this exsist in life. Try your best not to go crazy. Time will make you feel loads better. The beginning is the worst. Sooner or later the horrible feelings come less and less.

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