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romantic interest

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How do you put it accross (delicately) that you are romantically interested in a girl without her reacting uncomfortably and drawing away from you? What are the safest verbal and non-verbal techniques that have helped you? And, how important does time relate to your situation?

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That is a though question because it depends so much on the situation and the person in question. From my own experience, I can say that it is usually very flattering if someone has a romantical interest. After I find out, I tend to feel pleasant and comfortable around that person, even if I do not feel the same way romantically. That is because I know then for sure that that person genuinely likes me and is not just being friendly.


Things that have scared me away in the past are pushy behaviour - when a guy does not want to understand that I do not want to date him and he makes me invent a million and one excuses because I do not want to hurt him by bluntly saying I am not interested. That kind of person I avoid in the future because I do not want to have to come up with even more excuses. And also inappropriate physical behaviour - getting touchy I mean - because then I am simply scared to be alone with him and what if he can not control himself...

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