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Question for those who are trying to move on

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Hello All!


So I have a question: Did anyone ever feel like they needed new friends after a break-up and during the healing process?


Don't get me wrong, I love my core girlfriends...there are 4 of them that I am so close to and have known since high school, all whom have been very supportive. However, they all have boyfriends and one just found out she is preganant and you can only hang out with couples so much. Also, I cannot hang out with the friends I have on his side b/c A. ) I don't want to talk about it and B.) I feel they were his friends first. C.) I just don't feel like that is going to help me heal.


Anyway, does anyone have any pointers on meeting new friends? I actually need more SINGLE girlfriends, but it is harder to meet women...as odd as that sounds. It is easier to meet guys, but I get the feeling it is harder for them to just want to be "friends"


I just want some pointers on what any of you did to get outside your normal social circle...I think it would be a good way to help heal faster, and it gets you out of the familiar and into something new.


Any advice?





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Yeah I know exactly what you feel. Though me and my bf havent broken up yet we are in a very bad situation, but I feel exactly like that I need new girlfriends all of my gf have kids nooooooooooo. i'm only 19 and i feel like partying sometimes and you can't do that as often as you like with MOTHERS , but I have no idea how too maybe this post can help me too. Just wanted to let you know your not alone 8)

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i've been where you are. i grew up with a core group of quality friends, but we all moved to different states once we exited college.


if they're true friends, then there's no reason to leave them behind, as long as they're not hindering you from evolving as a person.


however, there's nothing wrong with wanting to meet some new people and find some new interetss. it keeps things fresh and exciting.


are there any classes in your area? a few years ago, i randomly signed up for a pottery class and, in addition to trying something new, met a few girls my age who were also taking the class. we all went out for a girls' night and drinks after class ended and still hang out from time to time. try a cooking class or a dance class.


also, in my area, since i'm close to a big city, we have a young professionals group. there might be one in your area, depending on where you're located. they'll send emails with all the monthly events...baseball games, concerts, sightseeing tours, winetastings, trips abroad, etc. they're all split into age groups, so you have an opporunity to meet both men and women close to your age.


sometimes i meet new people through others-people i work with going to a happy hour and i meet a "friend of a friend"...we hit it off, then get together once in a while.


you can even meet new people at the gym when you're taking a routine exercise class. if you see someone there on a regular basis and start chatting, it might evolve into a friendship too.


of course there are the typical places...


coffee shops


online sites


believe it or not, there are a lot of others out there, just like you...trying to meet some quality friends. my only advice is, once you find a loyal friend, nurture that relationship. i do find that the older i get, the more difficult it is to meet "available" (i.e. uncoupled) individuals.



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Thank you so much for the advice....I will have to keep this in mind...and don't get me wrong...I love my core group of girls and have no intention of leaving them behind. They are wonderful and I would be in a world of trouble w/o them. They are like sisters.


Anyway, I will keep this in mind!


Anyone else got any more ideas??





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