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Have you been in this position?

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Ok i like this guy and he has a girlfriend. we are cool being friends. But i LIKE this guy and he seems to like(look at my other posts) me too. But i dont want to hurt the gf feelings or make her jealous either. But what i wanted to know is......


Have you ever been the gf of a guy that liked another girl during your relationship?


How can i remain friend without problems??





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Yes, I have and it's not a pleasant feeling. It's very hurtful! What happened to the guy that you like now that doesn't have a gf? Maybe I'm just having a senior moment, lol! At any rate, being friends isn't the problem. If you have hopes of getting between his relationship with his current gf, that is a problem. If he wants to be with you as something other than a friend he needs to break up with his gf first. If indeed friendship is all you both want, then he needs to work that out with his gf too.

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If he's happy leave them alone. If he's not happy and trying to date you then you must tell him to finish with her before he gets with you.


Don't forget if he cheats on her to be with you then later on he could do the same to you!


Good luck

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