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Feelings for you...


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Feelings for you... dedicated to the woman I love and lost


Looking up at the moon in the sky

I think of you and I begin to cry

sitting here all depressed and sad

because I am thinking about all the goodtimes we did have.


Your in my heart and inside my soul

I guess I will pay dearly for my lack of emotional control

only time will tell if I will recover my composure

Right now my heart feels like it is in some kind of extreme exposure

opened up for all to see and I dont want to show it


As I have said before I am cursed to be alone

there is nothing left when you think you have found the "one".

I am glad about something

That being we found out now that were not compatible

I would have been far worse off if we did wed

Then I would probablly would lose my head


As time goes by and my heart grows fonder

I will often think of you my love and ponder

What would have happened if we did get thru the stupidity we are in

What would have been the outcome of our kids?

Would we be happy if there was a chance?

or would we be misurable together in a place darker than this?


These questions are something I never will know the answers to

I have to let you walk by because it is the right thing to do

I have to respect that you wont talk to me

I understand there will be no more contact between the two of us.


there is one final thought I wanted to express

and that is I can still see you in a gorgous wedding dress

Walking down that isle with a tear in your eye

that very thought makes me want to cry

I can see me there standing with a gleam in my eyes


Just know one thing and that is very true

I love you so much that I have to let you do what you have to

I wont fight or stalk you in anyway.

I have to let you go and hope you will stay.


Love you baby and I am missing you too.

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I have emotional problems too, and I wish my ex would read this and see that I feel the same way about her. Maybe I should post some of the poems that I have been writing for her, I don't want to because I worry that she might think I am just doing it to get her back.


But, sorry about the sob story here, that was awesome! Thanks for posting it.

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