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The age thing is getting to me.Help please

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I will be turning 17 soon an he will be 15 until Feb. The age thing i never thought it would matter that much but im starting to see it.. all guys act younger then their age but he is showing it a little too much i dont know what is going on.. Im his first love an im more experienced then him an those things matter.. i havent kissed him yet an when we do kiss i will have to make the first move because like all first times he will not know what to do.. i know he is in love with me because he is like a little puppy he is always there even his mom said she has never saw him act this way.. but the thing i want is a guy that knows what to do.. but not one that had been with like 18 girls.. it just dont feel right me makin the first move all the time i was the one who moved to hug him not the other way around..like all girls i want a guy that can take care of me not me take care of him like im his mom.. i dont know what to say to him to make him understand where im coming from.. what should i do about this i mean dont get me wrong i care about him deeply but the age gap is really getting to me..

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Your bf is 14?


In most respects he is still just a child, and as such he has no dating experience or maturity to draw on. I don't think you are going to find a "man to take care of you" in a 14 year old boy.


Having said that, you are still quite young yourself... why not date someone 16 or 17, closer to your age and with a little bit more maturity, life experience and confidence under his belt?

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First off, PLEASE get that notion out of your head that you want a guy to take care of you. No woman needs a man to take care of them. We need to learn to stand on our own two feet and care for ourselves.


That said, boys that age do tend to be fairly immature. This isn't true for all boys. Of course he's not going to have a lot of experience since he's only 14 and this is more than likely new to him. If you like him, give him a chance. If not then you may just want to move on.

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OK, it was little confusing.


If you are not happy in the relationship then you should leave it as gently and kindly as you can. The longer you wait the harder it will be and the more hurt you will cause him.

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I understand the maturity thing. I dont' think it's always a bad thing though, my first bf was two years older then me and at times he was way more mature and other times it was like I was taking care of a 2 year old boy who haden't been potty trianed yet. I think if you like this guy that giving him some more time would be a good thing, no one needs to grow up to fast it takes all the pleasure out of being a teen, trust me I did it and you know what I have to let go and just be my age some times cause it sucks being mature all the time, it is good to be mature for certin things though of corse. If you don't like this guy then I would agree with the other posters and have to say gently let him go and save the both of you some heart ache.

I hope it all works out for you.


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