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My Parents are Openly Raciest

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My parents are openly raciest, and especially my dad. My dad has repeatedly talked about how much "fun" it would be to shoot native peoples, and how native peoples are always drunk and always like to sniff glue. He has also once said that we should kill all muslims. I don't know if he was serious or not when he said that. He never would ever inflict harm on someone. I mean, he would never take part in a racist attack. But he does say things which are openly raciest.


My mom has already said many raciest things, including claiming that chinese immigrants in our community are causing the crime rate to rise (the fact is that the crime rate is DROPPING dramatically in our area, and most crimes are committed by caucasions anyway). My mom also doesn't like to walk near aboriginal peoples.


For a while, I was also raciest like my parents, but I have worked hard to over come these ideas. But it's hard living in a house where both of my parents openly express raciest views. WHile in public they would never attack someone because of thier race, but in our house they openly make racist comments.

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I would suggest you get your own place!! Also, good for you for realizing how ignorant your parents' thoughts on people are!! I hope one day they realize that people are people and there are good and bad people in every race, shape and size. Maybe you can be instrumental in teaching them! Good luck!

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These thoughts and opinions are brought on by fear.


Most racists are scared that:


Different coloured/cultured/ethinic groups with take jobs/money/work/women etc etc.


There is nothing you can do apart from try and open their eyes.


Most racists are stubborn, so you'll just have to live with it if they continue their opinions.

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Been there, done that so to speak. My parents are like that. Makes me the black sheep due to the fact I am so open minded and willing to interact with anyone and be social without racial or religious boundries.


For years I was taught extreme ideals and of course when I was that young - Who was to say my parents were wrong? Straight White Conservative Christians are the only civil humans, thats that. So for many years I too was an extreme racist and everything else. Eh, except to be truthful, it just wasn't racism - Sexism, Homophobic, Non-tolerant for non-Christian religions (Not sure of the proper term there), then Racist and just about anything.


Eventually it hit me one day, just why am I going around hating people that have never did anything to me? I've had more issues against people of my own race than any other. For me it was simple, I dropped the hate. My personal motto became - Judge by heart and actions, not by appearance. It has worked wonders for me, life is so much easier without the unneeded hatred and fear.


The Orientation and Sexism needed more work around. I'm not saying these as minor views, these were extreme. It was same situation different topic so to say as the racism. It was horrible because living around such situations you get the idea - It is okay to bash anyone different from you and embarrass them. Who cares they aren't equal. Family is always right you know. - Coming to my senses, I feel utterly guilty for what things I'd said and believed in the past.


To bluntly sum it up they believed the following - If you're not white you're not a civil being. If you're not straight you should be the asylum for life unless you can correct the perversion and mental disease. If you're white and engage in any activities which identify with another race you are disgracing us and are not to be considered one of us, just trash. Men are leaders of the home, women shouldn't be allowed high level professions and especially never be the main source of income, they are there for children and care of the man's every whim. Nothing more.


It is hard though at times trying to deal with their views. My friend circle consists of several Hispanics, One African American, One Multi Racial, One White. Parents don't quite deal that well with it, they believe I should be with my own kind. Only one they like (obviously with their views) is the the one white male. Though he is gay, and slowly coming out of the closet so to speak and eventually they'll think of him as worse than all the others for - disgracing his race with such behaviors, according to them.


The hate talk is constant, they would never do anything, haven't the spine more than to run their mouths but it does tend to grind on the nerves. It is something you'll never be able to break them of as far as I can see, what few times I've tried to express my opinion, it doesn't go over well. They either become very cold and offensive or dust it off as a joke that I would tolerate these "others".

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