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I know that people feel sad sometimes, and people get hurt etc. But right now i feel sad all the time, i can feel it in my ribs and stomach. it hurts. I feel so alone because all my friends are gone, and I simply cant make new friends. Im sobbing right now. My whole life has fallen apart in the last 3 years and the only thing that makes me smile are the Crow films, and Batman villans! I dont know why, i just like them.

I have nothing, absolutely nothing, no life, friends, family or girlfriend. And i am never going to have those things. What do i do? is it me, am i bonkers?

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It is you - but you're not bonkers. Not even a little bit.


You are allowing self pity to get in the way of doing something about your situation. Like getting out, finding new activities, new interests that will bring you in contact with people that you can be friends with.


I bet you're going to say you've tried that. Well, try again. More, better and harder.


And do it now. Look up social groups, social activity groups (like community theatre, for instance,) get the numbers and start calling - - it may be a little late where you are but you can get prepared to do it tomorrow.


Why are you still on here? Get going.

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I am sorry that you are hurting. You do have something, you have yourself. You may think, that's a strange thing to say, but you are a person of value. You're not alone. I don't know you, but I care. You say that you'll never have friends, family, girlfriends, etc. I find that very hard to believe. But in order to get those things in your life you have to put yourself out there. Don't close yourself off to accepting friendship and love. I would also suggest that perhaps you join a support group or talk with a counselor if you feel your pain is out of hand. Hang in there!!

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Hey I'm sorry, but I feel alot like you, I've got my Jason/horror films to keep me sane(?). I'm abit older than you, and have had this feelings come and go for many years, and what I'm finally learning is the answer does lay inside us, we're the only ones who can make the changes to get what we want. I'm not saying you will get all the things you want, but just trying to, does help.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but I just wanted you to know your not mad or at aleast alone, feeling this way.

Goodluck and I hope things get better.


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Find something to do..find something with meaning to do...not just watch Batman. This is where it's ALL up to you. No one can help you. You have yourself, take care of yourself and motivate yourself to go out and try something fun.

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