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How do i call him?

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I don't see what the big deal is about you giving him a buzz to say hi. Besides, you say you've already been talking to him. It's JUST a phone call, not a marriage proposal. Be confident enough to give him a call if you want to. You CAN do it- REALLY!!

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Your mom is right, as old-fashioned and anti-feminist as it sounds. Let him do the ringing and you just be receptive to it. A guy who likes you will make time to call you.


Find other things to do to take your mind off it - hang with friends, get a massage, go shopping, just DON'T CALL HIM.

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If I'd had to wait for both my husbands' to call I still be waiting! Phone him when your mother's not there. It sound like your mother's very old fashioned.


My mother said the same. However, the saying goes, 'What she doesn't know won't hurt her!' It's only a little white lie, it's not like you're jumping into bed with him!


Go for it.

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Is this the guy with the gf?


That was my question too.


If it IS....I would say you don't call him. Find a guy of your own without a girlfriend. Maybe she found out and asked him not to talk to you again! And I say if he calls, you should tell him you do not want to interfere with him and his girlfriend anymore.


If he wants to be with you, he should leave her first.

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I don't think this topic is too advanced for anyone to answer. I think the others are simply saying if this guy already has a gf, then you should leave it alone. It's not cool to call on someone else's bf. If he's not attached then there's no reason not to call him.

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you would have to be in my place to understand this guy.. but anyways thanks for trying..obvisoly my topics are to advanved for you guys to answer.....


Yes, that must be the problem.



Don't underestimate us, many people HAVE been in the similar place...or as the girlfriend. Or with the guy who did not let us know they had a gf.


It is does not take a degree in advanced pyschology to know that getting involved with a guy who HAS A GIRLFRIEND is bad news for you, him and the girlfriend. Having a lack of respect for his gf just shows a lack of respect for yourself as well.


Of course, it sounds like you are going to do whatever you want anyway, so all I can say is good luck, you will probably need a lot of it, especially if this is going to be a pattern for future relationships too.

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you would have to be in my place to understand this guy.. but anyways thanks for trying..obvisoly my topics are to advanved for you guys to answer.....


I am so sorry to have had the temerity to answer a post so far beyond my limited powers of understanding. Please accept my heartfelt and humble apologies. I will do my poor best never to repeat such an offensive error.


p.s. did you mean obviously and advanced?

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Well, we all gave you our advice on whether to call him or not. Remember, just because advice is given doesn't mean it needs to be taken. I stand by what I originally said, if you're honestly not looking for a relationship with him other than friendship, I don't see a problem with giving him a buzz. But..... if you are trying to come between he and his current gf, then it's best to stay out of it. It's not cool to get involved with someone who is already taken. It's not fair to anyone involved, including you. Good luck!

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i just wanted to know if i should call him...i dont care if he has a girlfriend. he told me that he just wanted someone to talk to..i said the same..so im a lil nervous of calling him.. i really like this guy...but we are just friends


Why don't you care if he has a gf? Do you want to get involved with someone who is willing to cheat on his gf? Guess what? My ultra sophisticated powers of observation tell me that if he does it to her, he'll do it to you.

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