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what to talk about

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how are you all???


if you don't remember me I had a post here before about a girl that ignors all my SMS and phone calls because she wants me to be more talkative and I was asking if you think she is interested or not and most of you told me she is not interested..

now I'm sure that she is in love with me

but I still have the same problem; I don't talk to here as much as she needs

we meet online for 2-4 hours daily but now she is traveling to somwhere that she couldn't find an internet connection so we talk on the phone the longest call duration that we made was 8:38 min


I don't know what things I can talk to here about to make longer calls


does anybody here have Ideas about topics we may talk about when we are talking on phone


thanks alot for help

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Anything your likes, dislikes, something that happened to you that day, that week, that morning, a movie you saw, your family, her family, her problems, stress with work, stress with school, stress with traveling, a book you read, music you heard or like...the possibilites or endless. Dont be intimidated by the phone that is the best way to get to know someone.

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