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this isn't a negative thing, but it COULD become that if

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I do it alot.


Sometimes when I talk to a girl about something, she tunes out. It doesn't become interesting to her and she might say nothing. Or if she does it is usually an un-interested uh-huh.

And then, I'm like..



A girl in the past told me that sometimes she likes to hear about Random Information (there was an A-word in the middle of Random and Information but I can't mention) but I could tell that she didn't care about it.


HOWEVER, I thought girls were impressed with guys who have a breadth of knowledge and can express it by saying something that doesn't have anything to do with him or her. Or, what I usually do is talk about things that do relate to me, career-wise, educational-wise, and so on.

I told a girl that I recently subscribed to an industry magazine that my mentor recommended. She was like, "sounds cool." and then left it at that. Sometimes I feel like doing the switcheroo on her..showing some disinterest in what she has to say, but not too much because then she'll be threatened by that.


What irrellevant topics or things said should a typical guy avoid whenever he's talking to a girl?


And finally, these are the same topics that may seem to be uninteresting to girls but might be considered cool to other guys.

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Most people are interested in talking about themselves. If you show interest in the girl you're with and ask her questions about herself she might be more interested. It's really dull to listen to someone who just goes on and on about themselves.

You could also try to talk about things you both have in common, like if you go to the same school you could talk about that, or if you both like the same kind of music talk about that, or whatever.

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it's good that you have a lot to say, as it keeps the conversation flowing. however, it's also really important that you show interest in the girl as well.


i once went on a date with a guy...it lasted 5 hours, and he talked NONSTOP. he didn't give me the chance to kindly interrupt and tell him i needed to get home. lol.


girls are interested in what you have to say, but they also need to know that you're interested in them as well.


ask lots of questions too...



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Hey sarsapolis6, try not worring about it too much. The more you focus on this, it might portray to her that you purposley trying to sound smart or take over conversations. There's no rule book, if you got something to say, say it. If you don't feel like talking, don't.

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If any topic interests girls it's themselves. No girl wants to hear about what magazine you subscribe to. If you want to get a girl talking and interested ask/talk about her. This usually works even if she doesn't like you cause most ppl are so keen on talking about themselves anyway. Also if the girl does like you she'll prolly feign interest in whatever you say. But my advice is if you wanna talk to a girl and get her interested in the convo: talk about her. I'm a chick and am amazed at how if I talk to some girls I don't know that they have no problem in rambling on and on about themselves as if I were constructing a newsletter for their fanclub...

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ok, well she talks about school.


And she talks about the classes that she will take. I've said this several times:


"What are you going to do in order to prepare for this class?

"How many more units do you have to pass before transfering?


I talk, because I'm eager to steer the conversation into something else that is miles and miles away from school. OK, maybe I could talk to her about her fashion choices for the fall. (are you still interested in wearing saris over jeans?) We're going to an outdoor festival today in the city so I'll ask her (have you been out here before during a big event?)


Maybe this might be my problem as well: Not showing enough enthusiasm in the conversation? Guys, have you ever been so excited about something that when you tell it to your girl friends or wife they get all excited about it too, or they feel the energy of your excitement? Has that worked for you?


I think I feel it when girls are excited about something and they express it in their conversation. What I need to do is reciprocate the excitement level instead of saying "uh-huh. that's cool."

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joke? don't start making any jokes, though you must be funny. Make sarcastic comments about school or whatever.. basically turn things upside down every time you can. Can't think of any right now, cause they must be spontaneous! You can't plan them, don't practice stuff like that.. or they'll sound fake.

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Asking her about her fashion or even what she thinks about it is just asking for girl talk and possibly insulting her if you word things wrong. Unless you are into fashion I will stay clear of it. Becuase its a topic that may turn you "off" and it can be a huge topic depending on the girl. If she is going into the fashion industry then be ready for girl talk and most probably saying nothig for hours.


I know not all girls are into fashion, some are into fashion at a sane level, others go crazy over it. Some girls actually try not to talk girl talk when they talk about topics that tend to be female related.


You can ask her what her interests are and why she likes them. You can ask her about art as this lets you see how she view things and can make for an interesting converstation. There are a lot of things you can talk about. You should heavly limit on what you say about your self. Generally I only bring things about my self if it relates or is about the current topic on hand, or to start a topic on something, but even then I try to direct it to the girl I am talking to, becuase I am interested in her, not my self

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