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brothers, have any of you done this.. a yes or no question

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that is a little complex:


You moved to a big city. Any big city but nowadays the fad is moving from New York to San Francisco. Ask my co-workers.


So, you moved to a big city but you're not THAT good at developing social networks on the fly..it takes you a while to do so and the friends you meet are from work. But you find a girl who you eventually date, have sex with and you become a romantic couple..

until, you break up. And when she breaks up, you lose ties with her other friends as well, and so you are back to hanging out with your co-workers who may or may not show sympathy to your plight.


So, despite that you didn't have friends at all did you go ahead and went into a relationship with a girl, knowing that the only good social connection in the city is with her, only? Wouldn't that be too exclusive?

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Can a sister answer this question too?


I think it's OK as long as you don't spend all your time with her, see her everyday or something. That can be fun for a while but it tends to go bad quickly.


Try to find other places to meet people, maybe take a class or join a sport or something.

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sorry about that.

As for myself I am trying to establish social connections with not just other individuals but within whole group settings. It should be that the only one-on-one time I have is with a very, very close friend or a girlfriend. I would prefer group settings (like a class) because everyone involved has agreed to meet at THAT certain time..no one else's schedule is a priority over anothers.


The thought of developing a relationship with a girl without having a "safety net" of friends in a group is risky to me.

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