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My recent adventure

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The other day I encountered a stunning lady, and tried my luck.

OK a little background: The other day I was waiting for my bus when I noticied a stunning girl and her mates. As luck would have it, the bus was full so I had to stand and hold the rail, and the only free spot was infront of these girls. I was to much of a coward to stand facing them so I stood sideways.

Anyway, a week later, i'm waiting in a fairly large waiting room to catch the bus, and I notice the girls come in again. They sat with their backs to me in the row of seats infront of me (space inbetween of a few meters). A chance to get some good eye-candy I thought, but things soon changed. The stunning girl, who I liked the most, kept turning around and looking in my direction. Now she didn't look at me as such, but there wasn't anything behind me... She turned around a lot of times, maybe 10 times. I was doubting if she was really looking back at me, because she didn't look at me directly, just an over the shoulder glance, but as I said, the bus time table wasn't behind me it was more to her side, so if she was looking at that, she was turning her head too far round... Nothing was behind me apart from a wall, and I was the only one there.

Using my enotalone wisdom I decided to play it cool, and walk past them to the toilet, then check them out on the return trip. I noticied none of this girls really looked at anyone that walked past them, so I thought if atleast one of them looks, its good. So anyway, on my return walk I checked for some eye contact, and wham, I got some. I kept my cool, had a little smile, and nodded at her, in an acknowledging kind of way. She looked away to her friend. I felt kind of blown out, and returned to my seat. She turned her head around a couple of times, and then that was it really.

All in all, she is just a random girl i'll never see again, but oh my, she was stunning, and yet strangely mysterious... those half signs of maybe interest. LOL.


Comment if you like. Thank you for reading.

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Over-the-shoulder = good thing bro. I'd say that'd be flirting with ya.


Well at least you didn't act like a wimp and look away when the girl gave you direct eye contact, maybe she was just so shocked because she just happened to have the hots for you too! I'm sorry but really, c'mon she looked at you wayyy too much for that not to be physically attracted. The first "round" I guess I can call it lol was 10 times?! Ummm yeah...riiight. Well you should of chatted her up though instead of just smiling. I mean smiling is good but, you should have just talked to her like first you smile then say "Hey, how's it goin'?". Anyhow yeah, it was just some random girl anyway, just make that a lesson to talk to a girl that you like when they keep staring next time!


EDIT: Well if she didn't like you physically, when you 2 locked eyes she would of made a weird face or something.

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Ha, i love it! Things like that are so great. Of corse she was looking at you, i've done that in the past. Girls like to think they are being sneaky and that guys wont notice they are looking at them. Well, shame nothing happened but that's life, maybe you will bump into her again, seeing as it's happened twice, next time if she makes eye contact give her a friendly, i know you're looking at me smile, or raise an eyebrow or something. If you don't look like you have a sense of humour then it will be easier for her to make contact with you in some way.

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hi, just read your post, thought i mite be able to explain why she might have looked away wen u walked past.


Im quite a shy person so when a girl i like looks at me, i automatically have a reaction to look away. With me its mostly because of low confidence or as MettallicAguy would put it, a wimp, haha. Im not sure if it works the other way round with girls, but this could be why she didnt smile back


hope that helps


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