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How to tell?

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This question is rather for girls but… . I would like to know when girl is interested in a person. I know a girl well it is different from others cause whenever I meet her she is always trying to get some information about me from myself (I really don't like to talk about myself so it is hard for me and it's 1 time when a girl is trying to know something more about me). I meet her few weeks ago. And she would like to know something about me ever since. So I'm confused because I was never asked by a girl.

So I would like to know how girls r hitting men?

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Well it definitely sounds as though this girl is interested in you. If she keeps trying to find out about you..


If I were you, i'd look for signs such as smiling, constant eye contact, seems either nervous around you, or extremely confident (either could mean she's interested in you)..

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Usually if I'm interested in a guy, then I would like to listen about his life as well so that I feel like I'm personally getting to know him. Hopefully, we would spend more time talking on the phone or meeting up in person. Also we would talk about what we the standards for people we date as well & discuss what is our "ideal" person like. Usually a guy can figure out if he fits the criteria based on what I describe to him.


If I wasn't interested in guy, then I would simply keep my distance & see indifferent in terms of talking or meeting up in person. And I would talk about other guys as well!

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Rage Chemist Wrote

(I really don't like to talk about myself so it is hard for me and it's 1 time when a girl is trying to know something more about me).


I can see that.. I don't like to talk about the BIGGER things in my life to a woman unless I feel she DESERVES it. But as for never talking about yourself.. I would have to say I talk to much of myself in a good way. I wouldn't say im concieded, just confident. I speak myself up.. and I show it through my actions... there is nothing wrong with that either.

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I have to agree with the above posts. She sounds interested.


If you have an interest in this girl, there is a way to approach this without feeling like you are going through the third degree.

Answer a question about yourself, if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, answer the question in vague terms and don't give away any sensitive details. After that, ask her a question about herself. If you have a hard time coming up with one to ask, use her question about you on her. You know, kind of a "So, how about you?"


When you know as much (or more) about her as she knows about you, you won't feel as touchy about answering her questions.

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