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confusing situation

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hey guys,

im here after a long time. after my ex became ex i was here a lot and it helped me a lot.


this april i met this other girl and we had some mutal attraction. after a couple of dates we started going out, so we werent friends for long, jus started the relationship, where i like her and she likes me and thats it.


she broke up with her bf in feb, she says shes over him and she looks lik she is over him, but this guy doesent want to get 'out' of her life. he says he will send pics to her house, call her parents and tell them stuff etc. her parents are very conservative. those problems are still lingering on while shes goin out with me. i dont know how i should deal with this?


another thing that is bothering me is that she is a very open, outgoin, out there girl. ive told her i can go out with her, we can spend some good times together, but i dont want things to get serious. shes not the kind with whom i can have anything serious. she occasionally does stuff which bothers me, this includes stuff with her guy friends etc. i know her heart is clear. i dont know how to deal with this either.?


what i am debating is should i go out with her, if yes, why so? Just because we have a good time together and that we like each other. would she have a better time finding the rite guy for her if we are not together? it is unfair for me to go out with her, cuz in the long run i cant give her anything? she says i make her feel good and happy.. i am not looking for anything rite now.



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Only you can decide whether or not you should go out with her. If you like her and want to keep it casual, just be up front with her and let her know your intentions. That will leave the ball in her court. It sounds like her ex is a real "winner!" I hope everything works out for you. Good luck to the both of you.

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If you don't want anything right now this isn't a good idea. Someone will end up getting their heart broken if you go out with her and you are not ready for commitment. You make her happy, does she make you happy? Maybe down the road you will want something more serious.

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