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I'm really wondering I stare at people or something. Tonight I looked over at this guy and he kept looking at me. But it wasn't flirty it was like he was watching me or something. He'd stare and everytime I kept looking over he was still looking at me. He was cute, but it was just weird. Later on he was with a girl, and they'd be dancing. Then he'd look over at me while grouping her. Creapy!


Yes I'd look over while they danced, which is why I think maybe I was staring. I mean they were the only people dancing and it's not there was much else to look at, but I do know I'd look around the room and talk with people while they were dancing. So it's not like I was just watching them dance, at least not IMO. So what is the deal? She would look over at me then grab him or something. They'd whisper to each other. I'm probably being paranoid, but really it was strange. I don't know what to think about it.


And didn't know where to post it. I used to think I understood guys, now I really don't think I understand a thing. Part of me wonders if he was a friend of the guy I'm interested in and was just seeing how I'd react. That's far fetched but not unlikely. Now that I think of it that way I really do think that was it. The guy I was interested in was off dancing with a girl and it upset me. This guy does it and I laugh. Maybe he doesn't believe I really like him so this was his test. I mean the guy was cute, and the type of cute I normally go for. Unlike the guy I'm interested in. He's cute but not the type I usually go for. OMG this sounds stupid but I know that's it.

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I don't know why women stare, maybe cuz they see a fly in your hair or something' I dunno, but I can tell you why this guy was staring.

Guys often stare cuz they are interested but they are both self-conscious and have too much pride to flirt and risk looking like they've got lettace between their teeth.

In this case. And I got confused by your story, so if I am getting this wrong say so:

Guy likes you. Guy's girl he is dancing with see's him looking at you. He plays it off by saying you were looking at him and he was only just wondering why. Guys often get distracted by other cute girls on the floor cuz they are the ones not with them (however don't even get me started about the girls).

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Maybe by staring you were subconsiously thinking about the type of man you usually go for. It's possible the man was interested in you. The girl thought so and that you'd definitely got a chance or she wouldn't have pulled him away!


You just need to think about what you really want. Don't worry!


Please be careful because (in the UK) some girls won't tolerate staring. Over here you'd be beaten up!


Take care and good luck.

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