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My ex is sending me harrasing emails and I am going to report it to the police. We've been separated 3 years after 3 years together. He has been seeing a counselor and taking different mental medications. Im just so tired of the way he behaves. Does anyone have suggestions for proving harrasment. I have never addressed with any authorities because i just felt he was sick and no one would believe me anyway. My son loves him like crazy but i can tell he recognizes his mental issues because he's always trying to be his caretaker. Im so upset about his latest ploy I just cant stand it.


I just got a new job at a credit union. He called them (I start next Monday) and told them he was concerned about me having access to his account. I havent even started! And I have tried so hard to be civil and separate our lives. But he finds anyway he can to be a part of my life


Does anyone have advice about this Im sure we will end up in our 3rd court battle in 3 years once i start this ball rolling. Im just so tired of him harrasing me.

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Wow, I'm sorry for you. What a creep.


I guess you've kept and preinted out his e-mails to show the police? I would tell the police about the call he made to your work, too. Maybe you could get the person who actually spoke to him to make a statement about what he said?


From now on keep a record of any incidents. I think the police take stalking/harassment cases of this type fairly seriously. Even if nothing is done this time, it's best to make a report which the police will keep on record, then next time something happens there'll be a pattern.


Good luck.

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Well certainly the best way to prove something is to have evidence. And emails are great evidence. With phone calls you'd have to tape them or find other ways of proving what he said. But with emails everything is right out there to see.


Keep the original emails in whatever account he sent them to. Don't just print them out, that isn't good enough. You need to keep all the identifying information so that they can trace the email back to him.


What you will likely want to do is to get a restraining order preventing him from contacting you. Then if he violates it you can have him arrested and/or pursue civil damages. The police can tell you how to go about filing things and getting this all set up.


Ugh. Good luck. I know this must be very unpleasant for you.

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