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Does she like me or are these things simply "general&qu

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I have a question about a co-worker of mine out here in my home state of Kansas!!! Had to have the cheap cheer!


There is a girl that I have liked the better part of the summer and we just really didn't seem to get along at first. BUT.... I'm wondering if some of you guys can give me some good opinions on this girl and what may be taking place. Sometimes, things look positive... and sometimes they look rather dreary.


Anyways, we work together (which could mean all of this actually means NOTHING).


She regularly will come around and just sort of give me "high-fives" or "hand-slaps" or stuff. She always, ALWAYS refers to me by my first name (which I love because not many people do). Sometimes it seems somewhat annoying because it's like "anything for you, -------" but she always says it, pretty much. Regardless, though, and perhaps a "tale-tale" sign, she ALWAYS makes eye contact (just like eyeball to eyeball contact consistantly through a conversation). She smiles a great deal, too. She does a simple little smile to everybody but she has the most beautiful teeth and she smiles from top to bottom (I see top and bottom teeth.. lol).


I called her last night to ask her something about something that was going on someplace that I knew she would know about.... she never answered duirng the previous two calls but did call back... even though she didn't know it waas me.


She wasn't bothered by the phone call, or so she says and today we had about a ten minute conversation. We went in and just kind of closed the door and talked about all kinds of stuff (jobs, our current workplace) etc. I mentioned staying in touch after this summer... to which she sort of said, "sure". But not in any different tone of voice. She did, weirdly enough, ask me about my weekend plans.... and sadly, I never have any (including this time). So I was talking about really having nothing to do to which she was just smiling. She told me about her house being dirty and not being a very good housekeeper... lol.... and I LOVE her hair but I don't know if this was a "bored" signal or any kind of singal at all. She kept kind of wrapping it around as if she was tying it.... while keeping eye contact. After about ten minutes, she seemed to lose concentration and went on to leave the room.... we both did..... She seems to make it a point, though, to always walk by me..... like today, she had gotten done eating lunch in our "mini-lunchroom" and was sitting on the opposite side from where I was located... I wasn't in there, but in my office. She ended up going around the table and coming out through my office and into the lobby... while she was sitting on the other side of the room to begin with and right next to the other lobby door.


She told me about her weekend (or did I already mention taht) consisting of babysitting, churches, eating lunch with a friend (which I just assumed to be a girl -- I figure at this point she knows I must like her -- or she's kinda slow if she don't -- so I would assume if it were a boyfriend or something, she would have told me). But she smiled throughout the conversation.


And lastly, she'll always hold her hand just wide open in front of my face smiling whenever she asks me to borrow something..... lol.... often keys to an opposite room.... (I keep two keychains and gave her the wrong one today to which she responded.... "no not that one, ------, I'll take your truck for a spin sometime later).


Let me know what you guys think......

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Anytime someone spends longer talking to you than other people, likes to make physical contact, smiles at you and talks about her social life, is probably making signs that she likes you. It is also possible she is just friendly. But you won't know unless you ask.

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Thanks!! She also offers to do stuff..... Like the other night, I was just joking around (we were talking) and said, "go get me something to eat at mcdonalds", and she was like "sure, what do you want". And when I told her I was only kidding with her and just needed her to watch the telephones where I could move my truck... she smiled and was like, "just go move your truck, ------" anybody else have any opinions?? it would all be appreciated. Also, if she had a boyfriend do you guys think she would have told me by now (esp. when mentioning her weekend plans)??

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