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a walk through gallows forest, i need oppinions

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i walk through the forest of my memories

see the shadows of friends long gone

hanging in the branches crying for a second chance

visions so painful i dont want to go on


they all gave up

they left this world far too soon

i wish i was with them

but something stopped me from dying in my room


the voices in my head

sometimes they seem too real

they call my name in the darkness

their presense i can feel


alive with the light in their eyes

they speak to me aloud

i hide my bloody hands

they say that they are proud


that i have lived

my life with no limits, that i held on

its not my time to go

i belong here until the coming dawn


then i leave this place

never to return again

so i scribble a letter

and i sign it goodbye my friends


i need oppinions on this,

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